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Pinterest is a very cool site. Pinterest is a pin-board-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. For example lets say there is a black pencil skirt that is in need of styling. Following a search for black pencil skirt, there would be provided dozens of images of different ways to style a black pencil skirt.

One of the best places I have found to share my blog and posts on is Facebook and their blog roll called Networked blogs. Many of my followers are from Facebook and when I post my reviews and giveaways they are prompted to visit my blog and enter giveaway. This all ties in to adding visitors to my site and the above mentioned Google ranking. I also have a special area on my blog for followers to follow my site via Networked Blogs to make it easier for them. The easier you make it, the happier your visitors are and more likely to follow you permanently.

Where to get the content to update your blogs. You can either write your own articles / high pr blog posting sites list posts or find articles on article directories and use them directly. You should use those recently added articles because your blog will most likely to be indexed as 'unique and fresh'. If you are using articles that are like a few months old, chances are others have already used the same articles, and your blog will be labeled as 'duplicate'. You will not be penalised by Google, but nothing really beats being 'unique' from the start. Or if you are good at writing, then write your own blog posts. Another way would be to invite blog guests to write on your blog. If you were invited to do so, feel free to include a link back to your own blog.

The second issue is you don't own your Blogger web site. If for someone explanation you break a few silly rule, or for whatever arbitrary cause Google comes up using, you could have your blog disassembled.

Actually, it isn't as easy as the "heaps" of so called "Gurus" and "Marketing Trainers" and other "Experts" would have you think. An Internet business isn't any different than every other business. It takes some learning, and plenty of work and effort. The same as any other business. There exists a learning curve so do not expect to hit a home run right off the bench. An Internet Business is no quick fix to profitability. Understanding and accepting that is key.

Building your own Article Submission website list link wheel yourself is rally a simple process. You just need to be patient. You want to select the number of spokes in your wheel, and then select your Web 2.0 sites.

When deciding on Blogger or WordPress, the first thing you must decide is what you're using your blog for. For me this is the deciding factor when deciding which platform to use.

Now that the search engines are hard at work, there are other things you should do to promote your blog. Many people do not like What you will find out is that they are not really searching for Blogger Sites but for something else. Use the social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger Sites, and promote your blog on your own main website. All of your followers will have the opportunity to go to your blog, view it, and possibly make comments, which creates even more back links. This is the only surefire way to growing your blog popularity on the internet!

There exists a tremendous variety of proven, reputable opportunities BUT there is also an amazing amount of cons. You should be cautious. Invest some time and make use of the web to become familiar with such things as the corporation, products, your sponsor, etc. You shouldn't be afraid to make contact. Talk and ask questions. It's a substantial decision.

Overall, the things you need to consider are what you want your blog to do. If you just want an get more info easy, no frills system, use blogger. If you want something a little more advanced, use WordPress.

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